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Surprise and Delight Scoop July

Here are a few customer success stories from July that we wanted to highlight.

Welcome to our new blog series, the Surprise and Delight Scoop! Each month we’ll be sharing some of our customer success stories to showcase the outstanding work that Zeto does every day. 

On the Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend, we received a text from a client stating they needed a plumber as soon as possible to clear the drainage pipe that was clogged. The bigger issue was that the clog prevented the HVAC from draining. The system would then shut off automatically, stopping the home from cooling off. Even though this occurred on the weekend of a national holiday, the response from the Zeto team was immediate. We had an HVAC tech onsite within two hours. The customer rated their experience with us a ten out of ten.

Another customer texted us several pictures of her to-do list over one weekend. She asked for the items to be added to her list and to reach out to her whenever someone on the team was available—the Zeto team scheduled for all of the work to be completed within three days' time. In response to this, our client replaced another company managing her home with Zeto. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Zeto team members, we received this glowing review from the customer: "I don't want to talk to another company; I just want to text Zeto and consider it taken care of at a reasonable price.” This customer experience was also rated a perfect ten out of ten.

The only reason our team is able to serve our customers so well is because every employee exemplifies our core values. For instance, one Friday the Zeto team was executing work at multiple client homes when we received a last-minute text requesting debris removal. One of our Zeto Service Experts volunteered to help but quickly realized that the job required two people. At 7 pm that evening, another team member arrived on-site to help his teammate. This story just shows the devotion of our team, not only to the client but also to every other member of the team.

One of our team members had a great job thinking outside the box with this bathroom retiling project. The client was elated by the results, which can be seen below:

These are just a few highlights from the last month here at Zeto. Thank you to our wonderful customers for trusting us to handle anything and everything on their to-do list.