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Your Guide to Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is finally here! Take a few minutes to read this guide to preparing your home for outdoor entertaining.

With the weather warming up and schools letting out, it’s safe to say that summer is almost here. One of the best ways to celebrate the beginning of the season is to entertain your friends and family outdoors. However, there is a lot to be done to prepare your home’s outdoor spaces before invites can be sent. This is your guide to outdoor entertaining this summer.

Prepping your outdoor space

The first step to entertaining is ensuring that the space is ready to receive guests. Whether you are planning on lounging by the pool, hanging on the back deck, or eating smores by the fire pit, it is important that the space is clean and functional. Start by sweeping or blowing off the area, but if that is not enough, power washing is a great option. Especially if there is growth or pollen build up, power washing can make a space appear brand new. Additionally, power washing stairs or walkways to prevent slipping is recommended.

Once the area is swept or power washed, it is time to clean the rest of the area. Especially if you live in the south, you may need to wipe down chairs, tables, etc. to get rid of the pollen. Even if there is no pollen on your outdoor furniture, it is still smart to wipe down every surface to rid it of dust and make sure that your guests have clean places to sit. After the area is sufficiently clean, seating is the next main concern. Depending on how many guests have been invited, there should be enough seating to accommodate everyone. In addition, the time of day and weather conditions can impact how your outdoor space needs to be set up. For instance, in the warmer months, it is considerate to have shade available or to wait until later in the day when the temperature falls. When hosting at night, you can hang lights to boost the ambiance of your area.

Overall, it is important for all of your guests to feel comfortable while you entertain.

Planning the entertainment

After the outdoor space is prepared, it is time to plan the entertainment. Depending on the type of event, varying degrees of planning are required. For example, if you are hosting a simple get together with close friends, you may only need to provide drinks or stock up on smore supplies. On the other hand, if you are holding a graduation or birthday party, much more preparation is required. Another key consideration is media. If you plan on watching the big game, moving a TV outdoors may be required if you do not have one already. This can be a complex process, from mounting the TV to getting it connected, and contacting a professional can be useful. Adding music can also improve the enjoyment of all guests. All you have to do is move a Bluetooth speaker outdoors and connect it. The nature of the event determines what type of entertainment is required.

Outdoor entertaining is a great way to connect with friends and family, especially if there is sufficient planning. As a host, considering all of the needs and wants of guests will help you plan the best event possible. If all of these steps are followed, everyone is sure to enjoy their time and compliment you on your beautiful outdoor space. One last tip for hosts is to not forget to have fun!