Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Don’t find what your looking for?
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Who is my Home Manager?

A fully trained and vetted Home Manager who is a full-time employee and receives a full suite of benefits including health, dental, and vision insurance.

Our vetting process includes a full background check (through a 3rd party) and a detailed interview process to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction with our customers. You can learn more about your Trusted Home Manager after you become a Zeto Member.

How do I get in touch with your team?

We are always available and you can reach us 24/7 via text or send us an email at where you can be in touch with a Zeto team member!

What protective measures will Zeto Service Experts be taking in your home?

Zeto Service Experts wear protective booties during each visit so they don’t track dust and debris through your home. They also mask off areas and lay paper, drop cloth, and plastic when needed.

What precautions will your Home Managers be taking as it relates to COVID-19?

Zeto is taking COVID-19 extremely seriously and have implemented the following policies and precautions:

Our team is following WHO, Federal, State recommendations, and all of our employees are taking increased disinfection practices, entering homes with sufficient PPE, and washing hands frequently.  

Prior to arrival for any appointments inside or at your home, we will send text or email notifications with reminders and relevant instructions to limit in-person interactions.  All of our employees must be free of symptoms for 14 days to work.

Any of our employees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is asked to stay home and recover and receive full pay for the duration of their recovery.

Is Zeto insured for liability related to my property?

Zeto is insured and will provide you with a “Home Guarantee”! In the event of a missing item or damage to your property, we’ll conduct a formal investigative process, collect all information from relevant parties (claims, police reports, etc.), and ensure that if the item or scenario in question falls within our responsibilities.

What are Zeto’s terms and conditions?

You can review our Privacy Policy here.

What can Zeto help me with? What falls under Zeto’s offerings?

Zeto Membership:
Member-only access to year-round Zeto services, trusted professionals, 24/7 coverage, a progress tracker, and text support. 

Zeto Services:
Home Service Experts
On-site Zeto Companion
Gutter Cleaning
Window Washing
Pressure Washing
Duct Cleaning
Firewood Delivery 
Christmas Tree Delivery/Removal 
Holiday Light Installation
Chimney Sweeping
Change Lightbulbs

Yearly Reminders: 
Zeto reminds our members to change air filters, change batteries to the smoke detector, etc., on a regular basis. 

How much does a Zeto Membership cost?

A yearly membership costs $399 annually. Your credit card is charged the day you sign up and that is considered your renewal date.

What is the rate of a Zeto Service Expert?

Industry standard pricing for repair experts is $120/hour. As a member of Zeto, you get access to our Zeto Service Experts for $90/hour. Send us an email at to learn more about our service offering and pricing in our Atlanta market.

What if a Zeto Service Expert finishes a project sooner than their estimated labor hours?

Zeto updates the final invoice based on the materials used and labor hours. Any shortage will be notated and reflected accordingly on the invoice.

How does Zeto connect me with a non-Zeto Service Provider?

Once a client submits a request for a third-party vendor, Zeto then follows a strict process.
1. We check vendor availability first
2. Make the connection with our preferred vendor 
3. Follow-up with the client to ensure quality.

How does Zeto communicate with members?

We communicate via text. Just text us, we take care of it.

What do I do when I need something fixed at my house? 

Text in your project request to the 24/7 Zeto number.

What is a Home Care Plan?

A home care plan gives each household a full view into their home. It’s composed of four parts: The Calendar, The Dashboard, A Providers List, and a Household Inventory.  

1. The Calendar: Lists your schedule & services via Zeto recommendations. These may vary depending on and customized off of your last date of service, unique household needs, additional service requests, etc. It will also include automated reminders. 
2. The Dashboard: Lists all of your current and future projects and their status. For example: have you submitted the request, has it been completed, has the project date been set scheduled, have you paid your invoice, is the project on hold, etc.     
3. The Providers: Lists all of your current service providers from landscaping, to electric, to pool maintenance.  
4. The Inventory: Lists household items in your house and includes model number, serial number, a description, and link to purchase​​.