Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is my Home Manager?

A fully trained and vetted Home Manager who is a full time employee and receives a full suite of benefits including health, dental, and vision insurance.

Our vetting process includes a full background check (through a 3rd party) and a detailed interview process to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction with our customers. You can learn more about your Home Manager after you sign up and download our mobile app.

How do I get in touch with your team?

We are always available and you can reach us at our 24/7 line or send us an email at where you can be in touch with a Zeto team member!

What precautions will your Home Managers be taking as it relates to COVID-19?

Zeto is taking COVID-19 extremely seriously and have implemented the following policies and precautions:

Our team is following WHO, Federal, State recommendations and all of our employees are taking increased disinfection practices, entering homes with sufficient PPE (gloves, masks)  and washing hands frequently  

Prior to arrival for any appointments inside or at your home, we will send text or email notifications with reminders and relevant instructions to limit in-person interactions  

All of our employees must be free of symptoms for 14 days to work

Any of our employees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is asked to stay home and recover and receives full pay for the duration of their recovery

Is Zeto insured for liability related to my property?

Zeto is insured and will provide you with a “Home Guarantee”! In the event of a missing item or damage of your property, we’ll conduct a formal investigative process, collect all information from relevant parties (claims, police reports, etc.) and ensure that if the item or scenario in question falls within our responsibilities,

How are you able to offer  discounts?

We have vetted partnerships with the most trusted and best quality vendors in Atlanta. Like Costco, we've bundled all our home service vendors and pass that savings right on to our customers.

How much will this service cost?

Send us an email at to learn more about our service offering and pricing in our Atlanta market.